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Introduction: How to Sell a Cooperative Apartment

Preliminary note: if you are reading this section because you have just been advised that you have what is commonly known as an “accepted offer” on your Cooperative, then please proceed immediately forward to section VII below as to your next steps. If you already have what is known as the “accepted offer” and your real estate broker has informed you that you must now retain an attorney, it is critical that matters move on an immediate basis. So many accepted offers are lost because of the timeframe that elapses between the accepted offer and the time from which a contract of sale is issued to a purchaser to obtain a purchaser’s signature and formalize the transaction. Accepted offers by no means are the basis of having a formal binding transaction; rather, it is only the beginning. Kishner and Miller prides itself that upon being informed that there is an accepted offer to immediately issuing out a proposed contract of sale so that the seller may rest at ease knowing that the offer which was just accepted and negotiated is now a binding transaction in which the purchaser is now obligated to take the steps necessary to ensure that the offer monies are safely delivered to the seller.

However, if you are reviewing this area of our website because you are considering to market your unit and have yet to take the many exciting steps to place your unit on the market than welcome to the most exciting process of the sale of the Cooperative unit and continue reading the sections in the order as outlined below.