Mortgage Financing Counseling & Foreclosure

Real Estate Attorney NYC

KMH lawyers have extensive experience in the issues that arise from real estate mortgage financing.  We represent lenders in negotiating loan restructurings, as well as enforcing mortgages to recapture the secured property when a loan goes into default.  We also have deep experience assisting homeowners who confront problems meeting their mortgage loan obligations.  We counsel homeowners and devise workouts to try to avoid foreclosure litigation.  When a lender brings foreclosure proceedings, we aggressively defend our clients to save their homes.  Because we represent both lenders and borrowers, we know the pitfalls to avoid, the defenses to press, the counterclaims to bring and the third parties to join to prevail for homeowners.

Mortgage foreclosure litigation involves numerous complexities.  We understand them.  KMH has handled countless foreclosure cases and has a track record of success in the mortgage financing and mortgage dispute area.