Corporate Business Disputes

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Kishner Miller Himes has deep experience handling disputes among shareholders, officers and directors over the governance and management of corporations.  These matters typically involve a fight over the ownership of a corporation or a corporation’s ongoing business activities.  Often pretrial relief, such as temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, as well as receivership and other provisional remedies, is critical in litigating corporate disputes.  The firm is well versed in obtaining these kinds of remedies when our clients need them, and in defeating imposition of these remedies when sought against our clients.

Over the years, KMH has handled cases involving breach of fiduciary duties, oppression of minority shareholders, misuse of corporate funds, corporate governance fights, investment-based disputes and other matters where stakeholders in corporate or business contexts are adverse.  We have also conducted internal corporate investigations of wrongdoing, reporting to and advising management about what occurred and how management might or should respond.