Partnership & Fiduciary Duty Disputes

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The firm’s business litigation and real estate expertise often has led us to handle disputes arising in the context of a partnership, closely-held corporation, limited liability corporation or similar business endeavor.  In particular, KMH’s attorneys have extensive experience dealing with difficult “business divorce” cases, where partners, shareholders or other owners part company.  We understand the often contentious and inflammatory atmosphere of these situations, where family members or close associates have become adversarial.  Our attorneys understand the especially delicate nature of the relationships at stake and adopt case-specific approaches to achieving success.

We know how to litigate these disputes where necessary.  However, we also recognize that these disputes typically hurt the individuals and harm the businesses involved.  Our attorneys therefore understand the need to adopt all possible means to resolve disputes of this nature.  Our experience teaches that partnership and similar disputes frequently should be addressed in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation or arbitration. KMH approaches these disputes pragmatically, whether aggressively litigating or creatively pursuing other means to accomplish our clients’ goals.