Commercial & Residential Real Estate Purchases

Real Estate Attorney NYC

Kishner Miller Himes has long had a very active and thriving practice for clients buying and selling both commercial and residential properties throughout the New York City region.  Over the years, we have handled countless purchases and sales of co-op apartments, condominium units and single-family homes.  In particular, we take great pride in having helped so many people acquire a new home, recognizing what a milestone event that is for our clients. Similarly, the firm has helped many businesses, both new and well-established ones, relocate to new premises.

The New York real estate world presents unique challenges.  We are experienced in all issues that arise, and have handled residential and commercial transactions in the myriad forms of property ownership in New York.  For example, acquiring a New York City co-op apartment means purchasing shares of stock in the cooperative corporation and becoming a party to a proprietary lease with the building.  We are well versed in the issues and concerns that can arise in co-op purchases.  Purchasing or selling a condominium apartment, a townhouse or brownstone, or a loft residence each can present its own issues and challenges.  We have handled them all.

We are similarly well experienced in commercial real estate transactions.  We have helped many clients buy and sell commercial properties throughout the New York City area.  Our lawyers understand the commercial marketplace; we work extensively with other real estate professionals in evaluating a commercial property transaction; and we have the solid business judgment and level-headedness to see the deal through.  Many clients who we have represented return to us for handling their next real estate venture.