Co-op & Condominium Board Legal Representation

Real Estate Attorney NYC

KMH represents boards of directors of numerous cooperative corporations and condominium associations throughout New York City.  Co-op and condo boards have unique legal needs.  Issues typically involve managing relationships with shareholder/unit-owners, establishing and enforcing building rules and requirements, handling apartment transfers, addressing contracts with building vendors, handling concerns raised by regulatory bodies and solving myriad other problems that arise from the co-op and condo living arrangement.

KMH is experienced in these issues.  Our lawyers have steered boards through the issues, advising them how best to proceed.  We also work proactively with boards to develop procedures and mechanisms to avoid issues and problems in the first place.  Our knowledge and know-how in so many real estate practice areas makes us very well suited for assisting co-op and condominium boards on this score.  When disputes cannot be resolved, we know the ins-and-outs for litigating effectively and economically for a board and its members.