Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Real Estate Attorney NYC

Both landlords and tenants frequently turn to us for assistance in leasing commercial space.  We recognize how important it is to a business that it have the right space, on the right terms, and also have a secure tenancy for operating its business.  Likewise, we understand the importance to a landlord that its valuable real property generates income from a solid tenant and sound tenancy.  The stakes for both sides can be high.  Our lawyers have the depth of knowledge and experience in the nuances that arise when entering into a commercial lease.

We draft, review and negotiate leases.  We assist in structuring beneficial leasing terms.  And we advise clients on core aspects of leasing deals.  Fundamentally, we engage fully in our clients’ business goals to assure that the leasing arrangement is consistent with those goals, and is an integral part of what our clients want to accomplish.  We recognize that entering into a lease can be a critical decision for a business.  KMH always approaches its role as counsel in that spirit.