Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets/Employment Disputes

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We realize that in today’s business environment, intellectual property and proprietary information can be crucial to a business’s success.  KMH has significant experience negotiating and litigating disputes that arise in these areas.  We handle disputes involving misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringement and brand confusion, false advertising, licensing and product development issues, trademark and service mark registration and protection, and the like.  We also handle matters that frequently arise in the workplace, including negotiating and litigating nondisclosure and restrictive covenant agreements.  We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and employers and employees.

Often our representations in IP and related areas come from existing or prior clients who we have represented in other matters.  Our hands-on and client-focused approach helps us accomplish a client’s goals economically and effectively.  We work with clients to structure agreements and internal policies that can avoid IP and employment-related problems down the road.  And we frequently assist startup business, including ones in the “tech” and Internet worlds, in “best practices” for protecting intellectual property and managing employee relationships.