Real Estate & Construction Dispute Litigation

Real Estate Attorney NYC

The firm has long handled all kinds of litigation that arise from real estate transactions.  Whether a dispute involving the purchase of a home, the sale of a commercial property, a broker-fee issue, a landlord-tenant problem, a conflict between property owners or neighbors, a clash among a condo or co-op board and the building’s apartment owners, a sponsor/buyer quarrel, disagreement over land use and still more, we have seen it and litigated it.  We have extensive experience litigating mortgage foreclosure cases and financing transactions, being equally skilled in representing mortgagor or mortgagee, and borrower or lender.  The firm often has handled “Yellowstone” injunction proceedings involving a commercial lease dispute.

Our attorneys also have litigated many cases involving construction defects, whether for builders, owners, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, designers or consultants.  And we know how to work with engineers and other experts to prove a client’s claims or defenses.  KMH also has extensive experience addressing insurance issues that arise in construction cases.  Relatedly, our attorneys represent clients in all aspects of title, property and casualty insurance disputes, including the scope of insurance coverage, liability and exclusions.

The firm’s extensive experience negotiating and structuring every variety of real estate transactions gives us a real edge in handling litigation that results when the transaction does not go as planned.  Our attorneys know the law governing real estate matters and understand the instruments underlying a real estate lawsuit.  Because we have drafted and reviewed so many leases, purchase/sale contracts, condominium plans, co-op documents and financing agreements, we understand the roadmap for litigating real estate disputes successfully.  Our clients include all players in the real estate world, including major commercial property owners, developers, sponsors, landlords, tenants and all manner of real estate buyers and sellers.  We have deep knowledge of the New York City leasing and sale markets.