Real Estate Development Projects

Real Estate Attorney NYC

KMH has handled numerous real estate development projects.  We know that developers make a huge investment in resources and time, requiring a major business commitment.  Our lawyers embrace that commitment to help our clients develop a property successfully.

Our development-project representations have involved acquiring the necessary land, addressing complex environmental issues, solving difficult construction problems, obtaining sufficient financing, and effectively handling everyday contract disputes that can arise in the course of the project. We have worked not only with developers and property owners, but also with lenders and other real estate professionals.  We understand the complex federal, state and local laws and regulations that come into play.  We have assisted clients on development projects throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island and elsewhere in the New York City area.  We have often been involved in condominium and co-op conversions for building owners.  Our breadth of experience in all facets of the development world gives us a real “leg up” that benefits our clients.