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Introduction to Purchasing Real Property

Whether purchasing a house in the five boroughs, in Long Island (including Nassau, Suffolk Counties), Westchester, Up-State New York, Putnam County, or Rockland County or New Jersey, Kishner Miller Himes may assist you in this exciting process. It is very typical for some living in New York City to be purchasing a summer home or do their big move out of New York City into the “burbs.” Kishner Miller Himes have over 30 years of experience in assisting people in the acquisition of homes. Let us assist you and bring our plethora of knowledge to guide you through every step of this process of “home ownership.”

Owning a traditional single-family home is a free simple ownership where the Purchaser is given a Deed in a formal title transfer. While not very common in the five boroughs, single-family homes can be found nearly everywhere else throughout New York State. The procedure for acquiring a traditional home is not as simple as one might expect and certainly does not conclude after a property is located and an offer is accepted. If this were the case, it would be hard, if not, impossible to make acquiring and transferring property functional. Not surprisingly, then, there is now a multitude of state and federal statutes making transactional real estate a highly standardized process. This knowledge of the Law and the particular jurisdiction in which are purchasing is where Kishner Miller Himes excels. Briefly put, hours upon hours of paperwork is never uncommon. Developing a binding legal Contract of Sale and thorough evaluation and due diligence of the property is crucial to making such transactions sound. With these basic protections, home Purchasers can avoid the ever so many subtle fees, unanticipated living conditions or even lawsuits that do arise. Yet, guaranteeing that contracts of sale and property assessments are accurately devised as protections for Purchasers is an altogether different story. Only a slight deviation from the standard transaction for a real estate purchase may create much financial risk. It is, therefore, essential to have experienced Attorneys such as Kishner Miller Himes to provide legal counsel and representation. Ultimately, by hiring an Attorney when purchasing any residential real estate, home Purchasers become empowered to save time and money. Given that homes are a highly desirable housing tenure in offering residents much autonomy, it is beneficial to spell out the standard purchasing procedure for homes and how an Attorney effectively functions in this transaction on clients’ behalf.